Cat Diamond Painting

Size: 30 x 40

Obtained from: Amazon

Drill Type: Round, Full Drill

DMC Included: Yes

Total Colors: 24

Date Started: Dec ??, 2019

Date Finished: Jan 4, 2020

After Completion: Kept, hanging in cat room

How Much I Enjoyed This Project: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Additional Info: This was my first ever diamond painting purchase. When I bought this, I’d never even heard of it. I just saw a cute cat picture, saw this crafting project was on Amazon sale, and impulse bought it.

When I first opened it, I was pretty confused by what I found! I had to look up a YouTube video to learn how it all worked. But when I started the project, I was almost instantly hooked!

I had no problem reading the symbols, nor with lack of drills. Overall, the project went smoothly, even though I was learning along the way.

WIP Shots: I’d originally considered making this in memory of Sebastian, who passed away during its creation. Then I learned about custom paintings, so I removed the little “Kita 2019” in the bottom right corner. I have a better memory painting coming!

I’d just received my new lightbox, so I was taking a picture of it.

Finished Shots:

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