Bird Ornaments

Size: Keychain

Obtained from: Amazon

Drill Type: Round, Special, Full

DMC Included: Not DMC – AB

Total Colors: 5 + Special Drills

Date Started: Dec 17, 2019

Date Finished: Dec 22, 2019

After Completion: Hung on Christmas Tree

How Much I Enjoyed This Project: ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Additional Info:

After I finished the Christmas Ornament kit, I did this bird kit, which I bought along with it. This gave my little tree an extra pop of non-Christmas color!

I really loved all the special drills and the AB colors I got with this kit. I didn’t know what AB was, so did some research to learn that it stands for aurora borealis since it has an opal-shine quality to it. I kept those ABs and have used them in other things, such as special accents on my cat diamond painting!

Finished Shots:

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