In December of 2019, I discovered the world of diamond painting, which I previously knew nothing of. As a childhood lover of paint by numbers, cross stitch and playing with bead crafts, this hit a lot of the right notes with me. So what started out as a fluke purchase on Amazon has now turned into a crafting hobby.

One thing those some folks do is keep a log of their projects, especially since it’s easy to get addicted and have more canvases on the shelf than in progress! I plan on doing a lot of these projects as gifts for other people, but I still want to document what I’ve been working on. Seeing that I’m pretty terrible at keeping up with things on paper, there’s really no point for me to go out and buy a log book when I can just whip up a blog page instead. So here we go!

Cat Diamond Painting

Whereupon I first discovered diamond painting.

Christmas Ornaments

My first non-painting piece!

Bird Ornaments

More lovely ornaments.

Colorful Deer

In which I learned an important lesson...

Blue Peacock

A gift for my mother.

Rainbow Rose

My first piece from Diamond Art Club!

Spring Bunny

A piece for Easter and spring.

Cafe Car

A gift for my dad.

Colorful Tree

Just something short and cute.

Colorful Bloom

Just a soft pastel flower.

God Bless USA

For July 4th.

Black Halloween Cat

A piece for Halloween.

Cute Fox

A gift for my sister.

Ready for the Ride

A piece for winter of 2020/2021.

Looking for Diamond Paintings?

Here's a resource of locations where you can find diamond painting kits and tools.